Friday, November 2, 2012

Real Techniques Blush Brush Review

I'd been wanting to try the Real Technique brushes for a while; so when I found out they were synthetic and cruelty free, It was a natural fit. Let me explain....

I decided to make a makeup lifestyle change recently and went vegan (at least in the brush department). Admittedly im not completely dedicated to this because I still own many natural fiber brushes, but when I find suitable replacements they will be gone! My decision was spurred by two factors: I found out natural fiber brushes are made of animal fur (mostly squirrel) and secondly they irritate my skin. Natural fiber brushes make my skin red and itchy, maybe because they are too rough or maybe because I am allergic to most animals. Also, I sympathize with those squirrels. I like squirrels; In fact my dog was even a squirrel for Halloween one year....

Alright, first of all - the blog-o-sphere's favorite pass time is to pick on the design aesthetic of these brushes - but im not on that bandwagon.
The truth is, it's just totally not a big deal! OK so the ferrule is pink and it's not my favorite color either, and sure I like sleek black handles, but it's not important. And Yes it has a black base that allows it to be free standing; what no one tells you is, that base everyone complains about being soooo large and space consuming, is less than the size of a US Quarter! This is a standard size face brush! The aluminum handle looks large in the photo but it is actually quite slim, the handle and base are smaller than my Sigma powder brush.

Onto the most important aspect of a face brush, the bristles!
The synthetic and cruelty-free taklon bristles make, literally, the softest brush I have ever felt! It's softer than my cat and sure as hell a lot less itchy. I am happy to say that this does not irritate my skin at all! 
I wasn't completely sold on the shape of this brush but I was curious. It's not a design im used to in a blush brush. It's an oval shaped brush, rounded all the way around yet tapered at the top, which I am assuming is for precision. The bristles are quite densely packed but have a lot of give. They are not stiff in the way most dense brushes are, they give-way to the contours of your face which ensures a perfectly blended application.

Speaking of application, I must admit that I am actually not a fan of this brush for blush application. 
I gave it a few tries and I just can't get used to the shape for blush. I much prefer my Sigma angled blush brush because It just gets the blush in the perfect spot. In a pinch, it would do the job, it's just a little too big and too round for my preference. It also blends the blush a little too much for my liking, Im not a fan of subtle blush! 
The good news is this is completely perfect for face powder! It's tapered so if you like to be precise with your setting powder, this can do the job! But my favorite use for it is actually for applying powder foundation. I actually avoided my favorite powder foundation because my other powder brushes made me so red and itchy that I ended up looking worse, but those days are over! This not only is more comfortable but it actually does a much better job than a natural fiber brush. It somehow gives a lovely velvety finish that it never ends up cakey. 

This is an amazing brush for only $8.99; Apart from all the great things I already mentioned, it's lightweight yet completely sturdy, has never shed a hair, and keeps it shape and softness wash after wash. If you looking for a synthetic powder or blush brush then your search is over! 

Want to know a secret? These were on sale BOGO half off at Ulta (no this is not the secret), you know I couldn't resist. So, I have another brush review coming up. It is the very intriguing Expert Face Brush! 

  * If you want to see my reviews on the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, or Eye Brushes, you can easily find them by scrolling to the left and clicking either the 'makeup brushes' or 'real techniques' under Categories.

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FireandIce said...

Would you say you can use the Expert Face Brush (you also mentioned in one post) as a Blush Brush? This Blush Brush is to big for my liking and I need one which isnt to expenssive but awesome.

Sara Java said...

The expert face brush does work well for cream blush and contouring! I haven't tried it with powder blush though.

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