Friday, November 2, 2012

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Review

Here it is, the Expert Face Brush; the latest and greatest from the Real Techniques line. Since the beginning I was always able to appreciated the creativity within this line. For better or for worse, it's like nothing else out there, I for one am glad it's not just another dull line of generic brushes. I can tell these have thought behind them and this one is perhaps the most unique of them all. This is what encouraged me to give them a try; Finally, a new-age foundation brush that isn't a rip off of the Flat Top Kabuki!

I was drawn to this brush by its unique shape. 
It's like a mix between a traditional foundation brush and a kabuki. It's a paddle shape yet short and dense with a rounded top. Quite interesting! And surprisingly quite useful, it means you can use it with both smoothing upward-downward /side-to-side flat foundation brush motions OR circular buffing motions. You can either use the thicker side to cover a larger area, OR turn it vertically and get into smaller area's, like around your nose, a lot better. However, take into consideration that it is a rather small brush. When I bought it I thought it was surprisingly small, yet it still works in foundation in no time at all. 

You really can't go wrong with this brush. 
When your blending in liquid or cream foundation, no matter what motion you use, you'll always emerge perfectly blended. I've never had a problem with streak marks. The rounded top gives it the ability to really push product into the skin, I think that really allows you to get a natural finish especially if you only use just a little bit of product. Im a real fan of worked in foundation, when it sits ontop of the skin I just feel like it's a mask. So I feel incredibly satisfied to sit there and use this to really buff it in each morning, it's like my morning yoga! 

 Again the bristles are cruelty free taklon, and really soft. 
However, it can make me a little itchy and red if the black bristles touch my face too much because they're more stiff and pokey than the top white bristles. 

It's definitely not as soft as the Blush Brush. 
But it's also made to be a lot stiffer than the Blush Brush. I mentioned that the Blush Brush had a lot of give and movement, the Expert Face brush is quite the opposite, it's stiff and not too flexible. As you can see it's also quite a bit smaller and very short! They are obviously not meant to do the same job, im just trying to put them into perspective.

To conclude, both of these brushes are F@$#^&9 fantastic. Again great quality for the price; Im completely sold on the whole line and im going to try out the Eye Kit next. I already reviewed the other brush, See the Blush Brush Review Here.  Yup, even I am surprised that I managed to get these up so fast, I posted two days in a row! Unbelievable! So as a reward to myself and go play some video games and eat a bunch of Halloween candy (, I wasn't going to do that anyway...). Goodnight..../ Good day and Happy November. 

* If you want to see my reviews on the Real Techniques Blush Brush, or Eye Brushes, you can easily find them by scrolling to the left and clicking either the 'makeup brushes' or 'real techniques' under Categories.
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