Thursday, December 13, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Stairway to Heaven Swatch

-Slash- Christmas Nails Fail

Bringing you a swatch of Debrora Lippmann's Stairway to Heaven nail polish today. In all honesty, these were supposed to be snowy Christmas nails but turned out not Christmasy at all. It's back to the drawing board for Christmas nails, but in the meantime...

In the bottle this appears as a milky white base with blue and yellow glitter, it's very reminiscent of a snow globe. In reality the base is completely clear and the glitter is multi-colored multi-shaped (mostly squares and hexagons) transparent flecks. It's a very subtle shimmer, only being really noticeable in light, however in light the glitter is very pastel colored, which is a little deceiving.

The good news is the glitter is rather flat and relatively non-gritty so it doesnt catch and snag on things constantly. This is two coats of glitter over a white base coat (OPI Alpine Snow). The thing about this glitter is it's very sparse and really needs to be 'packed' on to get a good coating. 
This polish has incredible lasting power, picture was taken after a week of wear and there is barely any noticeable chipping. The downside is it was one of the most difficult to remove polishes I've ever dealt with! I used the foil technique and still had to scrub glitter off, my nails really took a beating. This isn't a nail polish for those with commitment issues, like me. 

Returning with some real Christmas nails soon. Until then, Happy Holidays! 

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