Sunday, December 9, 2012

L'oreal Magic Lumi Concealer/ Corrector Review

Yes MORE Magic! I haven't been impressed with the Magic Collection thus far, I started out eager and optimistic with a review of the Magic Perfecting base, and I was indifferent, not overly satisfied and same story with the recent Magic BB Cream results; so it would be safe to assume that I'd thrown in the towel on this collection. But apparently I just can't stay away. 

The term 'concealer' is deceiving and even on some packaging this product goes by it's alter-ego identity the "Magic Lumi Highlighter pen". Probably because this doesn't really conceal anything... uuhh dont wanna give away the ending but, the coverage is a bit shady. It's a thin liquid consistency and not very pigmented. Probably great for people who dont have a under-eye circle problem but like a little extra brightening. Definitely doesn't cut it for me though.

Egghhh it does something, I just can't quite determine if it's actually beneficial. It gives a very light coverage (as stated, not enough to conceal) but I don't think it's brightening or highlighting. I think it might highlight very subtly if you get a shade lighter.

This has such a meager amount of product in it, that I am actually angry. 0.05oz to be specific (Note all those zeros!) making it probably the most over-priced product of the year... or ever. This isn't a comparison post but, take the Maybelline Instant Age-rewind under-eye concealer for example, it has 0.2oz of product, that's 4X more, ALSO it runs about $5 less than it's Magic counterpart.

* 0.2oz of this product would cost around $48 (Seriously! magic ain't cheap). 
** By this logic the Magic Lumi foundation should cost around $200. Com'on!

I really wanted to like this! But, Sadly, this falls into the same meager categories as the other Magic Products. It's a dull product in pretty packaging. There are MUCH better concealers out there. Also, I wouldn't buy it just based on the shear audacity of the pricing!

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Vicky Hoang said...

i've been eyeing this for the longest but i'm so glad because i won't be picking this up anymore!

Check out my blog at: Caught in a Daze.

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