Friday, December 13, 2013

My Top 5 Holiday Nail Polishes


If you are like me and you just cant pass up a glitter nail polish then this is definitely the most wonderful time of the year. 

My #1 this year is Sephora by OPI - Looks Like Rain Deer. Its a combination of gold frost with the classic silver glitter. I also like that its a full-coverage glitter, which im a huge fan of (as you may know). Its very sparkly and festive, but a color I wouldn't wear much outside of December. I bought this last month for only $4 on BUT unfortunately I believe the Sephora by OPI line is now discontinued ='(

I've talked about Deborah Lipmann's Today was a Fairytale last year, and it's still one of my favorites for the holidays. It was my new years NOTD last year, and I think that the blueish silver is a perfect color for that occasion. It's a little on the sheer side it'd be at least a 3 coater to be opaque, Or it also looks really good over black or a silver metallic.

Another old favorite is Essie's Leading Lady, and this is a little unfair because this color was last years christmas collection and probably a limited edition. On the bright-side, red glitters are pretty common this time of year! This one is a deep red base color with lots and lots of red glitter. It's not a full-coverage glitter exactly, but the base red color does build up to full opacity. 

Cleopatra in New York a kind of a classic Deborah Lippmann glitter polish formula: Base color, small glitter, chunky glitter. So it's black with assorted gold glitter but simplicity is not a bad thing. I think this looks really sleek and a lot more grown-up than most glitter polishes do because it's a little more subdued. This was also from last years christmas collection but I believe it's permanent.  

Lastly is MAC Fierce Entrance. Im not really a fan of MAC nail polishes, but I HAD to have this! If you mixed a typical metallic nail polish with a fine glitter, you'd get this. It's kind of a chunky sparkly metallic finish, it's very unique. Plus, it translates exactly from what it looks like in the bottle to the nail, its amazing! Hopefully it wasn't limited edition, but you never know with MAC do you...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NARS Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil


There's a special place in my heart for Nars Dragon Girl. My first red lipstick, the one that started a verging on obsessive, craving for red lipstick. To-date I have around a dozen red lipsticks in a variety of brands and finishes but Nars Dragon Girl is my undeniable favorite.

 It's a firey red, almost impossibly bright, and although it has a pink undertone it's reads as definite red on me. Although the brightness and pink-tone might make it seem more summer appropriate, I find the color so flattering, I wear it all the time, all year round. In winter when I look all pale and dead-like, sometimes I think that the brightness is what I need! I mean, I might be totally making this up to appease myself... but what's not to like? Perfect color, perfect formula, and even the name makes me feel a little cooler.

Yes, perfect formula! The Nars Velvet Matte pencils are the best matte lipstick formula I have tried. Despite being a 100% matte finish they're creamy, soft, and lightweight. They glide on with a perfectly even finish, dont stick to dry patches, and wear for hours and hours. Honestly, even if you aren't a fan of mattes, it's impossible to find fault in this formula.
Not to mention they're a good value. I've had this pencil for two years and have only had to sharpen it a handful of times. I mean it's not an everyday color, but considering it's my most used red I think that's pretty impressive.

I've tried many times to do this post, but I've never been satisfied with how it's turned out ('til this time). It's so difficult to accurately capture this lipstick, from the brightness, the slight pink-tone to the velvety finish. It's something that has to be experienced in person, but it's worth the trip! 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener Review


I was really excited about this and I promised a review asap, that was a whole season ago (Happy Fall!!). But I calmed myself down and I thought it'd be better to test this one out for a few weeks before I threw up a review. Im happy to report that I love it just as much as the day I bought it!

This is very different from most concealers, it's very lightweight and almost watery. Surprisingly, it also doesn't have a lot of coverage, not even enough to cover the freckles that I have under my eyes. Because it's not really a 'concealer' at all! It's a color correcting and light reflective product, a true 'brightener'. 

I have the shade Bisque which is very pink, and the pink completely neutralizes the blueness under my eyes but doesn't leave a pink or weird gray cast under my eyes at all (which has happened with other color correctors). Under my eyes I can get kinda sunken so it catches dark shadows, the subtle light reflection in the product just seems to bounce the light right out of there. It completely brightens up my whole under eye area, but very subtly. It's not beaming in daylight or flash photography like many light reflective concealers do. 

I think the best part about this is that its practically invisible. It does so much and is completely natural looking, even in daylight, in fact I think it looks its best in daylight! The light weight and blendable texture means a little goes a long way. It's in no way not heavy or cakey. It doesn't settle into fine lines, and it sets completely and doesn't smear throughout the day. 

Long story short, it's a miracle worker! I like more natural looking products and I don't have too much to cover under my eyes, so the consistency is perfect for me. But if you need more coverage, this might not work for you. Although I think it's still worth testing out at the counter, you might be pleasantly surprised! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 - Favorite Coral Nail Polishes


Happy September! Im so happy that we're one month closer to fall! Because im seriously sick of the nasty weather, triple digits and humidity is not for me! Summer in Southern California starts off fantastic with pool parties and day trips to the beach, and then it turns into a nightmare with thunder storms, flashfloods, and wildfires. We've got it rougher than you think!

Anyways, I thought giving a nod to my favorite summer nail colors would be a nice way to say good-bye to the season. 

Essie - Enuf is Enuf

'Enuf is Enuf' is my idea of the perfect summer red. Sometimes it's kind of pink and sometimes it's kind of orange, so I say it's a corally red. It's very bright and poppy and a little more interesting than classic red, but it's still just as versatile! 

OPI - Bright Lights Big Color

This is one of those polishes you (or maybe just me?) buy  for the "bottle appeal". In the bottle it has that 'is it pink or is it orange' kinda thing going on and then there's a gold frost shot through it. Unfortunately not as mesmerizing on the nails but it's still super fun and neon.

Essie - Cute as a Button

This one really is a 'cute' type of color. Im not usually into pink but for me the slight corally-ness saves this one. It's still cute and girly but it's not like Barbie pink. Im still on the fence, but it's warm under-tone is definitely more flattering on my skin.  

L'Oreal Tangerine Crush

This one is my current favorite, It's my perfect coral. It's a true coral I think, everything I tried before this was too orange or too pink and I think this one is just right. Judging by the bottle I thought it'd be a neon color, it looks very loud and vibrant. But on the nails it's calmer and I like that. You could say it's a more orange version of Essie 'Cute as a Button'. 

Essie - Shine of the Times

* Sorry for the bad photo quality of this one, it's a difficult glitter to photograph especially on a cloudy day. Better photo here. The swatch below is Essie 'Shine of the Times' over Essie 'Cute as a Button'.

This is lumped together with my favorite corals because the glitter reflects very orangey. Making it my top choice of glitter to put over coral polish. I just haven't found any other color I like this over (I'll admit to not trying that hard). Shine of the times is holographic glitter flakes in a clear top coat,  for the most part it just gives nails a golden sheen.

Love coral but im ready to move on. Sick of these bright colors! I've already starting my list of colors to buy for fall. Good-bye summer!! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Stuff!!


I just went for an eyebrow pencil... but you know, how can you just get one thing when there's makeup counters as far as the eye can see?

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner - Redhead
I recently lightened my hair and brows and I was in desperate need of a new brow product. I read such fabulous things about these new MAC brow pencils when they launched a few months ago, that I didnt even consider buying anything else. My hair is Auburn now and I found that redhead is actually my perfect shade, it's hard to find brow products for red hair that dont look too artificial. Redhead is the perfect warm brown shade that blends well, but is still natural looking. The consistency of the pencil did not let me down, it's precise like a pencil and blends like a powder, it's perfect! 

MAC Eyeshadow Quad
Probably like most of you, I have a mental list of all these MAC eyeshadows that im gonna pick up one day. I was just browsing when the sales lady mentioned that MAC had reduced the prices on the pan shadows. Before she could finish her sentence I was rambling off shadows that I wanted to see! 
I ended up picking three very warm shades, I usually love my cool-tones but recently I've found that they dont really suit my new hair color. So I picked up All That Glitters which has been on my list for ages, Antiqued which I had never seen before but I just gravitated towards it and It's like the prettiest thing I've ever seen! Lastly, I got Soft Brown a much needed light warm brown, just for a staple blending color, but I've already bonded with it and actually love it more than I expected! 

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener - Bisque 3
I've been wanting, and needing!, a good under-eye concealer for a while. But my problem is I always shove aside the practical things, how can I concentrate on concealer with all these shiny lipsticks around??? But I finally did it! 
This is the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener. It's a lovely lightweight concealer that comes in this awesome peachy color which works wonders for the blue tinted darkness under my eyes. It's also slightly light reflective so it very lifting! But not in that over the top reverse panda eyes kinda way...
Although, my experience at the Bobbi Brown counter was so disastrous that a makeup artist from the MAC counter actually came over and offered to help lol. Some people might have been turned off by the experience, but im very thankful that the MAC artist cared enough to help, I got the perfect color to correct my dark circles and he did lead me to a great product!

Im super over-the-moon happy with my new stuff. Although I was reading my horoscope out of a magazine at breakfast this morning and it was like "beware of extravagant spending" So that's a downer! *sigh* I never get to have any fun... 
But I will be reviewing the Brow pencil and Eye Brightener soon!
  See you then! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliners Review


Never thought I'd be into high-end eyeliners. Until I got a taste of these in the 'Smoked' set, I just assumed an eyeliner is an eyeliner, and there's no point in spending money on something so basic.....

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils

Here's why I changed my mind!

First thing I noticed was they do really "glide on", you dont have to apply much pressure to get the full pigmentation. And I just really appreciate soft liners that actually last! My first experience with soft creamy eyeliner - MAC Smolder, and I threw that **** out! Because all it did was smear and smudge everywhere and it didn't even last in my waterline. See these are soft, creamy, smudgable, BUT they set and last all day, even preform well in my waterline. 

So many colors, so little moneys... These eyeliners are my favorite part of the UD stand at Sephora, I just get sucked in.  Im a big fan of colors that look like neutrals (and plain neutrals of course), like the shade '1999'. It's purple but I find it easier to wear than something like 'Empire'. It's awesome that I can find colors like that in eyeliner form because I also use them as cream eyeshadow.

In short I like these because they're just a sold product; Whether the color is matte, frosted, or glittery they all have the same formula, pigmentation, and performance. Even though they're a little pricey, I think its worth having a few. I'd definitely recommend buying the minis or a set if you can find them, it's better value and a good starting point =). 

Friday, August 16, 2013

A few Highlights of my Summer.


You'd think summer break is when you have the most time. But it's not because that's the time to fit in all the stuff you dont usually have time for! Vacations are planned, Friends want to hang out, little sisters think you are their personal chauffeur, family members want favors, ect. This summer break I've worked more, partied more, and gotten into more trouble than I had all year. So I haven't been really keeping up with the blogging. I wanted to start off my "come-back tour" with a FOTD but my camera was just not cooperating, So im Improvising! Here's a few of my summer highlights...

Stormageddon's recovery
- My poor little Hedgey-hog (Stormageddon Lord of all Evil / Stormie) got sick recently, but im remaining optimistic. After a few trips to the emergency vet (thankfully they have an "exotic" pet doctor on staff) she's finally looking better. Look at her, back to her old evil ways =,).

New Hair
- Im typically one of those anti-haircut people, im not afraid I've just been indifferent towards the whole thing. New cut, new color, what's the harm? It's actually very refreshing and I feel a lot more stylish now. Although finding a brow product for artificial red hair is kind of a nightmare that I did not foresee, good thing the bangs kind of distract from the fact that my hair and brows are completely different!

Lots of Shopping
- Maybe not lots... the normal amount actually. But I've been finding some pretty cool stuff lately. The highlight of my last shopping trip was these shoes. Im not really into jazzy shoes, I like the plain ones, but they were Catwoman how could I resist!? There was also some really cool looking Wonder Woman ones but I love the badies!

Watched a whole season of Breaking Bad in a day
- One of my favorite shows of all time and I missed the whole last season, because my cable company was beefin' (correct terminology) with it's Network. Of course this little tiff only lasted the duration of the season, and of course Netflix took it's sweet time uploading it. Basically it became available only about five days before the new episodes aired. This whole situation was frustrating me ALL summer!

Turned 21 and partied to hard
- I already wrote about my birthday, but I did I mention the after-party? Im definitely not offering pictures, It's one thing that I prefer to forget. But if your friends ever show up to your party with vodka and tell you "you'll be fine"- don't believe them!

Spent a weekend in Vegas
- It's just what you do when you're 21. Although here is a nice piece of advice, NEVER go to Vegas in the summer. It was around 120 degrees everyday and 108 in the dead of night, the soles of my shoes literally started to melt when I stepped on a metal escalator. No fun at all! Another thing that's no fun, the New York hotel roller-coaster costs $14 a person to ride, and it's really not that cool. Don't do it. I did enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend, even if he did drag me all around the strip in this heat to find: the "best" arcade, the lost GameWorks (closed 2 years ago), and the finest dessert fake Paris has to offer.

I might be forgetting a few things.  Oh well, Back to the makeup next week! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish Review


Im a huge nerd so anything with a spacey theme I totally get sucked into, so although flakey glitter isn't my favorite I gave these a try. Funny story, a few months ago I ended up shattering the LAST one on Ulta's hardwood floors because I was trying to carry way too many things. I used to shop by the "as much as I can carry rule" to limit myself, but I have now learned my lesson - Always take a basket!

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish

So I have Moon Dust and Satellite. Moon Dust is a black creme with clear glitter and Satellite is a burgundy creme with light pink glitter. Moon Dust seemed like a safe option, but Satellite was the one I was initially attracted to. I thought the color combination was really special, something I didnt see too often.

The Cremes didn't impress me. Mine were too hard to work with, it ended up looking streaky. The good things are they are opaque, I used two coats which isn't bad, and it does dry fast. 

The wand is odd, so it also makes application more difficult.

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish Satellite
* Application tip - Unscrew both ends and then paint. Much easier than trying to wield a much too long and      top heavy brush.

As for the glitter, I didn't have any trouble. My glitter lays flat on the nails and doesn't leave a bumpy surface. I didn't have to "fish" it out of the bottle or dab it on in concentrated globs; it painted on and spread evenly just perfectly. It is not as smooth or fine and doesn't apply as evenly as my Essie Shine of the Times holographic glitter flakes. I wish it was more along those lines but I do not think it's bad at all. 

I do wish, the color of the glitter was more apparent on the nails. It looked pink in the bottle but it reflected more orange and yellow on the nails. Not what I wanted.

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish Satellite
In person, nails and glitter looked a lot more smooth.

 If  I could tweak these I would make the glitter a little more finely milled, fix the color of the glitter and the creme's formula. I think these are decent. But the off formulas make these polishes more hassle then they need to be, it's a disappointing that I have to work hard to make them work.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MAC Peaches Sheertone Blush


Peaches is one of those mystery products that doesn't look like much in the pan, but when it's on it's just magical (yes, mysterious and magical).  It's just flattering and in a way that I can't quite put my finger on. I've never really been impressed by MAC blushes, they have always seemed a little bit lackluster to me. But I have to admit that Peaches is perfect. So perfect that I just can't stop talking about it, It was most recently in my Summer Essentials and was even the subject of one of the first blog posts I ever made (long since been deleted for shitty picture quality and incoherent rambling).... and since this intro is turning into more pointless rambling, let's just say I thought it deserved a little more attention.

Peaches is a very true peach color, it's a little pink and it's a little orange. This was my first MAC Sheertone blush, a lovely finish which is all I buy from MAC these days. Im hooked on the soft, matte, and not too pigmented finish, it looks way more natural on my skintone. 
But, I still don't wear this much in the winter, when im two or three shades lighter this looks bright orange on me and doesn't blend in and look as subtle as I like. This is a summer blush for me, I find the orangeyness warming and a good alternative to bronzer (which I can't really pull off). 

I think what I love most about this blush is it's subtlety. It puts color on my cheeks without putting COLOR on my cheeks. There are some things I wear because they're bold and they stand out and there are some things I wear because they're the exact opposite, this blushes lies perfectly in between and that's what makes it so irreplaceable.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Fuchsia Shock


It feels like summer; I went swimming yesterday for the first time this season and the water was perfect! I didn't wear any makeup obviously, but you know there's something about the change in weather that always inspires change in makeup for me. I doubt i'd ever give up my bright lipsticks for nudes and bronzer, but I thought that trading dense opaque formulas for sheer creamy ones would be a nice change. 

This lipstick was on a wishlist I made a few months ago, and I got it shortly after that. The reason it stood out amongst all the other lipsticks on the list, was that it's a nice soft sheer texture unlike most lipsticks I own. And while we are on the subject, the texture is soft smooth and creamy but in no way sticky. Which sold me, because there's nothing I hate more than sticky stuff on my lips!  

Alright I do love the packaging. If you have a minute, join me on a google search of the original Too-Faced Lipsticks, so we can both be thankful that it was changed. Because as a grown woman, I dont want a lipstick in baby-pink fairy princess packaging complete with plastic diamond accents! I much prefer this sleek and chic bullet, it's gold, it's embossed, and it's weighty-ness makes me feel a little more confident in the price tag. (being $21)

The lovely thing about these lipsticks are that they're build-able. With this one, I can build up a few layers to get an almost opaque, full on glossy fuchsia lip (like the swatch). And im typically not a fan of glossy lips, but I have to admit it looks stunning. The downside it's that amount of product makes the lips feel heavy, and it's just as high-maintenance as any other bold lip - if not more due to the dangerously slippery texture (one wrong move and it's on your chin).

So, I prefer to wear it a little more subtly (like the photo below). I typically wear just one thin layer of it, it smooths on very easily and evenly thanks to the creamy texture. What I end up with is a very sheer wash of bright pink, but I will say that it still looks bright pink! 

Im enjoying this light texture and this fantastic fuchsia color. I've been wearing it at least once a week and I think im ready for some new sheer lipsticks. But I doubt I'll be buying more of these - Didnt see that coming - only because they strike me as extremely similar to the Revlon LipButters! Almost exactly the same texture, and even a similar range of colors! So until I become rich enough to buy these just for the packaging, I'll be hitting up Target and saving myself some money. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

5 - Of My Summer Makeup Essentials


Raise a glass to this, because this is my celebratory school's out for summer post! Just so we are clear, I should mention that this is what I would wear if I actually had places to go during summer. I mean most summer activities are not exactly makeup friendly: swimming, going to the beach, backpacking across America, waking up at noon and playing video games in your PJs all day, ect.  

Revlon Colorstay - 180 Sand Beige

I am done with trying to make those greasy tinted moisturizers work for my skin in the summer time. I know everyone tells us we should go lighter, and get "dewy" and "luminous" foundations. BUT I live in a climate that can literally melt foundation off of my face and my skin makes it's own "dew". So thanks but I prefer using my trusty Revlon Colorstay, because it stays! I use as little as possible, so my skin feels light but this still offers great coverage. It's a matte finish but after a few hours outside, i'll be plenty luminous. 

MAC Prep+Prime SPF50

I always wear sunblock when im out during summer but on my face it just doesn't work with makeup. No matter what it makes my face look greasy, it's heavy, and my foundation doesn't look good over it. My perfect solution is MAC prep+Prime which has an amazing SPF 50, without being thick or greasy. So I get sun protection AND longer lasting makeup. 

MUFE Aqua Brow - #25 Ash click, to be magically transported to my full review)

One of my newest products, and it's already secured it's spot on this list. It's a gel brow corrector that is completely water proof. I tested it a few months ago... in a rain forest (seriously). Trust me, it stays through sweat, humidity, and swimming. 

MAC Sheertone Blush - Peaches

I couldn't do this without talking about a blush! This is one of my favorite blushes (planning to do a full post on it soon). I love it in summer because it's a very warm yet brightening color. It's a true peach color, very orange yet has pink undertones. I think it perfectly compliments the summer "bronzey" aesthetic, but works better on my light skin than bronzers do.  

MAC Eye Kohl - Teddy + Powersurge

Is it cheating to pick two pencils? I dont think so because I typically use these two together, Teddy for the lashline and Powersurge for the waterline. Teddy is a medium brown with gold shimmer in it, so basically it looks bronze. Powersurge is an interesting metallic light bronze color that is not too bright. They're both really soft pencils that smudge and blend easily then set, so they also work nice as eyeshadow bases. They're actually my all-time favorite eyeliners, because such flattering and easy to wear colors.  

So those are the basics I'd take on my action-packed summer adventures! All I need are a few dozen lip products and I'll be good to go... 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

NARS And God Created the Woman Eye Kit


If you read my birthday post, you might be wondering what was in my shinning Sephora bag.??? It was the new NARS And God Created the Woman palette. I've been secretly admiring this for a few months now, not sure how my mom knew. Maybe she checks my computer's search history, or maybe she just went to the my favorite stand in Sephora, picked up the most boring thing she could find, and thought "Sara would love this". Either way, she was spot on! 

I always thought that I liked NARS for their lipsticks and blushes. Personally I think NARS lipsticks are perfection; and who doesn't have (or desire) their own little collection of NARS' famous blushes. But I recently realized what I possibly love most about the brand. Apart from it's apparent mastery of makeup formulations, NARS has an eye for color. Every shade of blush, lipstick, and eye-shadow is true to the brands sophisticated aesthetic. Whether it be neutral, bright, or glittery, it's always just right for a woman of sophisticated taste. 

- I did wear a cone party hat and a costume bow-tie to my birthday party but I assure you, I'm a
  sophisticated woman! 

This palette does not stray from that aesthetic. I think the shades are all relatively neutral, and would look good on most skin-tones. And being my first ever NARS eye-shadows (yay), they have taught me that NARS does eyes just as skillfully as lips and cheeks. Of course they're smooth, pigmented, and the glitter isn't chunky; But most surprisingly to me, is that even the dark matte shades that swatch a little patchy somehow still blend out perfectly. 

This palette is surprisingly small, but that's not something im worried about because I've never even hit pan on any eye-shadow I own. They are around half the size of a single NARS eye-shadow, and one single NARS eye-shadow costs $24, so you are still getting your moneys worth actually. Not to mention the two extras actually hold their own weight. 

The mini bottle of Pro-Prime is also a decent size for me. I can't comment on if it's better than 'fill in the blank' - because my eyelids are not extremely oily. I can say it is silky smooth, and I like it better than Urban Decay Primer Potion.
As for the brush it's big fluffy and really soft! Nothing special but I think it's a really nice blending brush. Also way better than the brushes you get in the Naked Palettes and of course those disgusting sponge applicators. 

 The taupe colors Bellisima and Kalaharia, and the blackened brown Coconut Grove are already some of my favorite eye-shadows. 

I went into this thinking it was just going to be utilitarian and look pretty in my makeup drawer. And now I think im hooked on NARS eye-shadows. *sigh* another addiction I can't afford. Beware - you cannot just non-nonchalantly buy a NARS product, be prepared to fall in love.

Do You Need It??
From one beauty addict to another - forget need, this is a luxury after all, if you WANT it more than you want to keep your $59, then get it! Don't forget it is NARS' most popular shades all in one convenient palette with two fantastic extras, AND it's limited edition! No pressure...
Did I ever mention that I'm a bad influence?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Beauty Blogger's Birthday


Lately I've been feeling a little strange about my blog. It's filled with my opinions and my products, yet somehow it's feeling less and less like an extension of me as time goes on. Almost as if it's becoming a creature in of itself, and im just it's means of conveyance. Which is not what I intended! So I thought I'd share a little bit about myself because I don't want to be a stranger to my own blog. 

I'm not just a blogger I'm a real person, and yesterday was my birthday.

My 21st birthday, to be exact. The one everyone is supposed to get excited about, but im not fussy. Im quite happy to quietly celebrate with a few friends and family, and of course cake!

A few weeks ago my mom joked that she would throw me a Doctor Who (it's my favorite =)) themed party. And I was very pleased (probably more excited than an adult should be) when she came home one day with Tardis blue party hats and red bow-ties. I donned this party attire all day, although the bow-tie was strangling me a bit. 

I woke up to a shinning Sephora bag filled with some exciting presents! Which, of course im going to show off soon! I got other presents too, but you can probably understand that this was just the highlight of my day. ...UNTIL....

My mom brought home the best birthday cake I will likely ever have. The life of the party - A custom Tardis cake! Which was also delicious, red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. Unfortunately for everyone, it wasn't bigger on the inside.

To go with my party bow-tie, I painted on a matching red lip (also one of my favorite things). 
For once I didn't reach for my beloved Nars Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. Not because I don't love it anymore, just because lately I've been really into my new Elf Matte Lip Color in Rich red. It's not the best formula, but it's a really pretty bright pink red. And I just wore some simple eye-shadow from the Naked Basics Palette

That concludes my exciting Birthday. Back to my regular beauty posts soon. Even if this didn't particularly interest you, Thanks to everyone who reads my blog! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Spring Nail Polishes


Here's what has been on my nails this season. These five were just too pretty to put down.  Forewarning  this post has way too many photos.

Essie Buy me a Cameo Nail Polish

Essie Buy Me A Cameo- This color just makes me feel like a grown-up sophisticated lady. One of my all time favorite shades because it's just pretty. It's a frosted pink nude that's basically perfect because it's not too light, it's very flattering on my skin-tone. It's my go-to polish when I need to be fancy.

Chanel Pulsion nail polish

Chanel Pulsion -  Last month I dug this out of my stash, It was given to me a few years ago but it's still love it. It always just makes me so happy, it's so bright and pink and shiny. I have nothing else like it, im not a girl you'll usually catch wearing baby pink but I do like bright pink (because im fun!).

Avon Apricot Mystery - An accidental favorite, this is actually my moms nail polish and it does look like a very.... mature color in the bottle, but it's actually really pretty on the nails. It's a perfect spring color, peach (or apricot apparently..) Although I recently found out that peaches aren't even in season in spring haha. You'll have to ignore the glitter on the swatch, that photo is from a recent NOTD. 

OPI My Very First Knockwurst - I don't think I've found my 'perfect' nude yet, but this is the closest I've come. It's actually a strange color, putty-ish if you know what I mean. It's like a grey pink nude (the left picture is more accurate color representation) so not quite a nude. But it is a very interesting color, and when I wear it people always ask about it. 

OPI Bright Lights Big Color - The newest edition to my nail polish family, I was looking for a coral, there happened to be an entire section of corals at Ulta, and I picked the brightest glittery-est one (again, because im fun)! So, it's a very bright coral with a bit of pink and a gold frost. It's super pretty, looks like one of those fruity drinks you'd buy while on vacation. 

We've finally reached the end. Not the only polishes I've worn but I've been favoring the pinks, peaches, and corals recently. They're quite flattering, don't you think? 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Review


Happy May everyone! Not sure about you but im completely unsure where the time has gone. I turn a whole 'nother year older this month, scary. And I guess this means that summer is just around the corner. So sounds like a good time to share my new found summer essential, actually my new found life essential. Dont want to spoil the ending but this is holy grail material! 


  • Formula - It's pretty much the consistency of gel eyeliner. Very smooth product that glides with your brush strokes. 
  • Pigmentation - This product is highly pigmented, but can be sheered out as well. Making it extremely versatile.  
  • Staying Power - Once it sets, it stays! All day, in rain, in heat, and in water.  
  • Waterproof - Definitely water proof. No running, melting, or smearing. 
  • Easy to Remove - Unlike some water proof products, this is actually quite easy to remove with soap or makeup remover.  
  • Natural Looking - For a highly pigmented gel product, this can actually be sheered to a soft powder finish. 
  • Price - 20$ for this 7ml tube isnt a bad price because it'll last you a lifetime! 
  • Packaging - the squeezy tube is sanitary and no product gets wasted. 

You see that tiny little dot, It's enough to fill in both of my brows! Just that tiny amount goes a long way, it can spread to a lighter colored softer finish, you can get more precise lines, and you can build up color. 

If, like me, you have patchy eyebrows this is the product for you. I previously had to use two products on my brows - I'd fill in my brows with one color, then fill in the bald spots with a darker color just so they looked even. With this I can get two different colors with one product AND get precise strokes that look more like hair than pencil. 

Possible Cons: 

  • Color Selection -  
Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow is available in seven shades -  #10 Light Blonde, #15 Blonde, #20 Light Brown, #25 Ash, #30 Dark Brown, #35 Taupe, #40 Brown Black.

However Sephora stores typically only carry three - #10 Light Blonde, #15 Blonde, and #25 Ash. I Suppose because they are the best selling shades.

My Shade is #25 Ash - My perfect shade would be in-between #20 and #25, since my dark brown hair is not "ashy" at all, it's quite red-toned. But #25 is still a workable color.

  • Brush not included - Not a problem for everyone but keep in mind that this product would be quite difficult to use without an angled brush. 

Originally I bought this just because it was waterproof , but this stuff is so great that that ended up being the least impressive thing about it!  I dont want to get to sentimental but, my eyebrows used to be an area of such stress and frustration and now that I found my perfect brow product that I can rely on in any situation, it's such a relief.  

In conclusion - I highly recommend this to victims of unfortunate brow genetics, tweezing accidents, and the like. Have a nice day... and May. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG


Here's something I'm way to familiar with, Procrastination. I dont do Tags very often but this one was just so fitting. I Found this tag thanks to Fee at MakeupSavy -

1. You must copy and paste these 'rules' onto your post when you write it, it doesn't take long!.
2. You must state that this tag was created by 'The Beau Bow' and link
3. You must thank the person who tagged you at the start of your post (link their blog as well) - follow them if you're feeling nice!, and then at the end of your post state who you tag, and then comment on their blog on their latest post to let them know you tagged them, and link your post so they can see what to do.
4. Title this post 'The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG' so everyone knows what it is about.
                                                                                                                 5. Have fun!

1.  Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?

- I rarely do anything to my hair. I wash it a few times a week and the rest is just left to fate. 

2.  Is washing your make-up brushes something that you do regularly?

 - I sort of wash my concealer brush everyday, with that lazy brush cleaner that doesn't require water. Still counts right?? The rest of my brushes have to wait until im in a productive mood. Usually around every two weeks is when they get cleaned. 

3.  How long will you last with chipped nail polish?

- I absolutely HATE chipped nail polish! Even if the tips of my nails get chipped, I remove it.  So my nails usually last two or three days and I constantly repaint them. 

4.  How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?

- Hygiene products like soap, shampoo, face wash get replaced as soon as I run out, sometimes sooner. But Makeup products I dont usually replace,  the only makeup product I've ever completely finished is foundation and I always move on to 'bigger and better' things. 

5.  What is your worst beauty habit? 

- I fall asleep with my makeup on, *shame*. Usually on weekends when I stay out late. I dont usually think about it when I get home, I just zombie walk to my bed on pure instinct.  The next day my skin is all dry and terrible looking  and I have to wash my makeup smeared sheets. But I guess that's not enough of a deterrent when my warm bed is calling at 4am. 

6.  Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?

- My homework.  Eghhh It just ruins my whole day. I do work well under pressure but im not an extreme procrastinator yet haha. 

7.  When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?

- Getting ready is one of my favorite parts of going out,  So no I do not put it off, BUT somehow im still always late! I'm never actually "finished" getting ready, I just run out of time.

8.  Can you commit to spending bans?

- Well Im a poor college student I dont really ever have money to spend, =( . But when I do, I tend to want to hang onto it - So I think that I could commit.

9.  How organised is your make-up and nail polish collections?

- Like a true collector, I take pride in my makeup and nail polish collections. Call me weird, but I enjoy organizing and cleaning it, sooo it's  very organized. Actually organizing and cleaning my makeup and brushes is something that I do to procrastinate haha.

Surprisingly, Im actually not procrastinating right now. I feel so free! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Wishlist - Pretty Spring Lipsticks


If you are a woman who's entire wishlist consists unashamedly of lipstick, then we need to be friends, because it's a type of joy not commonly understood. If not, I hope you will still enjoy looking at my dream spring lipstick wardrobe! 

Nars Schiap

 - Let it be no secret that I love Nars lipsticks; They're simply the best, but the color selection is limited. Nars    
    makes the most amazing reds money can buy, but there isnt much in the way of pinks. That is unless  
    you're looking for a crazy bright cool pink. Schiap is a bright pink that has a violet undertone to it, which I
    think makes it feel cool and electric as opposed to Barbie-ish - and that's exactly why I love it!

Chanel La Fascinante 

 - La Fascinante is a Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, and my god these have the most lovely creamy velvet
    texture, it's like silk on the skin and impossibly light-weight, if you have never swatched one then- go now!
    This is a bight pink red, and to be honest im just in love with the idea of owning a Chanel red lipstick; It's
    just the ultimate symbol of a sophisticated woman... and I can pretend!

MAC Costa Chic

 - As hard as I try, I still can't shake the impulse for coral. I've been kinda on the fence about this one, mainly
    because it's quite orange-y which is way out of my comfort zone, but also because many people say it    
    looks good on girls with tan skin and that's definitely not me! But currently im in love with swatches of it,
    so maybe i'll go down to the MAC counter and try it out. What's the worst that could happen? - It's
    awful and I talk myself into buying another red lipstick, happens all too often!

 Two Faced Fuchsia Shock

 - Here is a brand that never usually crosses my mind, but this caught my eye in Ulta the other day. It's a
   vibrant fuchsia but it's a nice creamy slightly sheer texture. The texture is what stands out for me, sheer and
   creamy are not words I typically like, but I thought it would be nice to have something a little softer and
   wearable in spring. Just as I was about to seal the deal, I discovered they were all sold out! *sigh* The
   worst part... I bought a red lipstick instead -ashamed-.

Trust me, I could go on, but that's all for today. I've been sick and lathargic for the past few days and this has really lifted my spirits; I hope it did the same for you!