Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: Do You Need It?

Who would have guessed there would be a third addition to the 'Naked' Family back when the second palette launched and shared the success of the first?? (Everyone)! Alright, I complained about the lack of matte shades in the original palettes too but I will admit that this "Basics" thing didn't really excite me much. Firstly this palette looks a little under-whelming and secondly, I can't help but think it's a little unnecessary if you have the first two. So, Do you need it???

The Basics 

The Naked Basics Palette contains six full sized eyeshadows, five mattes and one shimmer. There isnt much to say about it, the shades are as natural as it gets - white, beige, brown, and black. They all are smooth and pigmented, great quality (Like most Urban Decay shadows). 
The packaging is great too. Its similar Naked 2 palette, sturdy and snaps shit with a full sized mirror inside, but it's a little different. Its rubberized,  feels very similar to Nars Packaging but it doesn't get as dirty. Although I dont have any major problems with the packaging of any of the Naked Palettes, this one is my favorite.

The Lightest shades:

Venus - The only shimmer in the palette, a frosted white color, this is a really great highlight shade especially
              for light skin because it really shows up well.

Foxy - The only duplicate in the palette, featured in the Naked 2 Palette, this is a yellow toned beige. Seems
             slightly more pigmented but still doesn't show up well on light skin.

Walk Of Shame (W.O.S) - This is the pink toned counterpart to Foxy. Like Foxy, it doesn't always show
             up well because it is so light.

The Dark Shades:

Naked 2 - Just have to say why couldn't this have been in the Naked 2 Palette instead of that 'Half   
                 Baked' Duplicate!! Love this shade! Very light cool (almost grey) toned brown, shows up better
                 in real life.

Faint - There is nothing special about this shade. Just a basic neutral medium brown but obviously a very
            useful shade to have.

Crave - Another really nice velvety, matte, pigmented black shade. This might be the best one yet!

How does It Compare?

Virgin (Naked 1) is my favorite white highlight shade because it actually shows up on my light skin and Venus (Basics) is extremely similar to it but its actually a little whiter. I use a highlight shade no matter what I am wearing so, in my opinion, it's nice to have both of these.

Need it! 

I found that W.O.S (Basics) actually looks like a matte version of Bootycall (Naked 2). All three of these shades have a peachy undertone, which is my personal favorite, so I am pleased to have a matte version.

Need it! 

Unfortunately, Foxy is featured in both Naked 2 and Naked Basics. Boo!

Dont Need It!

As I already stated I always wanted another matte brown, Naked 2 - type shade. Naked 2 (Basics) is very similar to Naked (Naked 1) it just has a cooler undertone.

Need it! 

Faint (Basics) is actually the most unique shade, it stands apart from any other shade in the palettes.

Definitely Need it!

This is the swatch that surprised me the most, Crave(Basics) is actually the more pigmented than Blackout (Naked 2)! Its definitely a 'must have' for those who use black eye shadow, blacks this pigmented are hard to come by!

Definitely Need it! 


Alright, you really have to decide for yourself on this one.
 I can justify owning this just based on the cool vs warm toned or shimmer vs matte arguments, But not everyone can. 
Overall, I think this palette is just a compliment to the first two, there isn't a whole lot you can do with it on it's own. It's not as versatile as the first two, so how much use you will get out of it is entirely dependent on your personal makeup style. I think any makeup addict can justify buying this, However If you do not own the first two, I would definitely recommend putting the money towards those first!  

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Samantha Marriott said...

Love the look of this palette, so on the fence about it!

Great post!
caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo

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