Monday, February 18, 2013

A Dupe for MAC Dubonnet Lipstick

You know when you like a song a lot and you put it on repeat and, at the time, no other song can satisfy your ears quite like that one can? Well, I do the same thing when shopping; I get into cycles of buying tons of the same thing. My closet is filled with more polka dotted clothes than one girl needs but at the time nothing else could satisfy. A few months back I got caught up in buying deep red lipsticks and it's no surprise that these two turned out to be practically the same. 

This is MAC Dubonet and NYX Snow White 

MAC Dubonet was my first and is still my favorite MAC red lipstick, if not my favorite MAC lipstick period.   It's a deep bloody red with a hint of brown undertone that I think does wonders for my complexion, the only dark shade that makes pale skin and dark hair work without a draining goth-y effect. Similarly NYX Snow White is a deep bloody red that, as the name suggests, also works great against pale skin.

Simularities -

  •  Both shades are really bold slightly deep reds.  
  •  Dubonet is a MAC Amplified finish, meaning its really pigmented and has a creamy texture, and Snow White is very similar in pigmentation and texture.
Slight Differences - 

  •  A subtle difference is Snow White does not have the slight brown base like Dubonet.
  •  Snow White appears a little brighter and more red.

(This is the part where I deny that I have a problem) I honestly do like having both; they aren't interchangeable to me. Even though they swatch similar, I am such a red lipstick addict that I notice the tiny details. When I have them on I can really notice Dubonnet's brown base or Snow White's vivid red quality. But they're both two of my favorite reds (and I own quite a few!) and if you really need to save that $10, Snow White wont disappoint! 

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