Friday, February 1, 2013

Lusting Over: Tom Ford Cherry Lush Lipstick

I'm not one who can pass judgment on spending a lot of money on makeup, but when a pretty product comes with an unthinkable price tag, there is nothing more I can do but give it it's own segment in what I'm calling 'Lusting Over'. A series designed purely for conversational purposes, inspired by this very lipstick, Tom Ford's Cherry Lush. 

When everyone was raving about Tom Ford's infamous Black Orchid, I was falling in love with swatches of Cherry Lush. Its an amazingly bright blue toned pinky red.... that's a lot of colors for one lipstick but all in perfect synergy (you really have to check out the swatches to understand where I'm coming from). 
Its everything that I usually gravitate towards in a lipstick: Bright, Red, Sexy Embossing, and High Price Tag. 

But this lipstick really pushed my boundaries and spurred the question, How Much is too Much? 

Tom Ford lipsticks are mainly sold at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Ave stores (Now this is where I started to get nervous too) and they retail for $48. 
I'll admit, I have no problem parting with the occasional $15 for a MAC lipstick or $25 for a Nars Lipstick. And well, I've at least considered a $35 Chanel lipstick purchase once but even that seemed a little too reckless for me. 

This Story does have a bright-side.
Firstly, I now do not feel as bad about the price of MAC lipsticks, I mean in comparison it seems insignificant. Also this lipstick is probably one of cheapest luxury products you can buy. I should feel lucky I don't have a handbag or shoe obsession, right?

So the question is, should I loosen up or just leave this lipstick in my dreams??
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