Friday, February 22, 2013

MAC Opulash Mascara Review

When I saw that the MAC Opulash Mascara is included in the new MAC "Archie's Girls Collection" I knew I had to get a review up as soon as possible, because it's the only high end mascara that I really love! I was surprised that I actually liked it after my run in with MAC Zoom Lash (awful!) and other high-end mascaras that never seem to out-do my drug store favorites. 

Volume -

This mascara gives a slight amount of volume. I think because the formula of this mascara is very thin, it doesn't seem to build thickness and give a ton of volume at the roots. 

Length - 

Just as with volume, I can't say that the length is extreme. But for me, it's not a concern.

Creepy pictures of my eye : Before and After

Definition -

I think this is it's real strong point! This mascara gives great definition. A thin slightly wet formula combined with the combing effect of the wand seems to always insure that lashes never get clumped together. 
Definition is always a good thing because it makes it seem like you have more lashes.

Wand - 

Im a fan of these larger wands. They always seem extreme and hard to use, but in the end, ALL of my favorite mascaras have them! These large bristle wands just seem to work wonders for my lashes. 

This one is really big, but I love the tapered point which makes getting the corner and bottom lashes easier. 

I also love that the wand never seems to pick up too much product. It never blobs mascara or clumps lashes together.

My favorite thing about this mascara is it's ease. I used to deal with messy, sticky, blob-y, clumpy 'max volume' mascaras but they're such a PAIN.  This gives volume and length and a nice black black coating, but I really appreciate that it leaves my lashes separated and fluttery feeling rather than all that mess.  

* Side-Note: 

This can be a little confusing - The "Archie's Girls Collection" includes two different Opulash Mascaras. This is a review of the original formula. The "Archie's Girls" "Betty" Opulash is the original formula and the "Veronica" Opulash is a new supposedly more volumizing formula. 
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