Saturday, February 23, 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection Review

Here's the last of my Real Techniques brushes, as promised! 

Real Techniques Core Collection

Buffing Brush -

The reason I bought this collection and this brush IS worth the cost of the whole set! If nothing else, this brush won't disappoint. It's a great buffing brush, that's dense, almost paddle shaped, with a rounded top. It's probably very similar to a round top Kabuki Sigma brush (but I dont have one). I compared it to my Sigma flat top Kabuki and they're very similar in density. But I find that this brush has more give the bristles aren't as stiff and it glides smoother because it's a little less dense. Which I find makes it a lot easier to work with! 

Real Techniques Core Collection

Contour Brush -

My Second favorite brush in the set, and I dont even contour! It is a great brush for contouring, fits nicely in those... contours. It's nice and small and fluffy, it blends everything perfectly and allows you to control where you put product. 
It's like a smaller version of the Blush Brush basically. The problem I had was the Blush brush was too big for blush placement on my face, if you have the same problem this might be a good alternative. I've been known to use this for blush and highlight. 

Real Techniques Core Collection

Pointed Foundation Brush - 

Egghhh every set has it's weakness. This is the low point of the Core Collection. It's a very useless foundation brush. It's like an anorexic classic foundation brush. It's just too small and too thin to cover an entire face. I guess it could be used for under-eye concealer or concealing large areas, but I havent found anything that it's really good for. 

Real Techniques Core Collection

Detailer Brush - 

This little brush can be used for anything you want. It's basically a smaller, more useful, version of the pointed foundation brush. It's my new favorite lip brush! 

Real Techniques Core Collection

As are the rest of the line, these are great quality, affordable  synthetic (creulty free) brushes. I love 3 out of 4 of these brushes, so I'd say this set is worth buying. Actually it's so cheap that, you could buy it just for the buffing brush without feeling bad! But im sure you'll find uses for some of the other brushes too and it comes with a little case that might also be useful for traveling. 

* If you want to see my reviews on the Real Techniques Blush Brush, Expert Face Brush, or Eye Brushes, you can easily find them by scrolling to the left and clicking either the 'makeup brushes' or 'real techniques' under Categories.
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Vicky Hoang said...

i love how you compared it with Sigma brushes! :] both brand brushes are amazing!

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