Friday, March 1, 2013

Experimenting: Magenta Blush

Im sure you can relate - In terms of shopping sometimes pretty wins over practical. Sometimes impulse takes over, and if pretty is combined with the words "limited edition", it's practically a done deal. So that's the story of this blush, in a nutshell. 

When I got it home I was still ignoring the little voice telling me i'll never be able to pull it off. So I tried to wear it... like a normal blush, and suprise, I looked crazy. So for months (when did MACs Reel Sexy collection come out again??) it has sat sadly untouched, until today when I pulled it out and decided that we needed to sit down, have a talk, and settle our differences. 

The swatch is only one swipe of Magenta, she's pretty bold. Magenta is a matte finish, that I wish was a sheer-tone finish because, for one, it'd make it a lot easier for pale girls to pull off and two, im selfish and sheer-tones are my favorite. 

But you gotta work with what you got. So instead of using a my Sigma natural fiber blush brush I used a synthetic stippling brush, hoping it wouldn't pick up so much product. And it was still too much. So I had to dust the excess off on my hand, apply it, and then soften it with some face powder. 

The finished result looks something like this (a little brighter in real life). My camera doesn't seem to like me, it doesn't pick up anything I swatch on my face very well. But anyways, this sheers down to a hot pink color.

I have to say, the finished result isn't all that spectacular, it turns into a nothing special kinda color, when the real blush is beautiful and anything but ordinary. Kind of disappointing considering all of the effort I had to put in to make it wearable. But no one to blame but myself Impulse. I took a chance on an unwearable blush and lost. Magenta cannot be tamed! 

By the way, Happy March! This year is flying by and im finding it hard to keep up, but I haven't fallen off the blogging wagon just yet, so see you soon! 

*And maybe next post, I will not so creepily address my makeup products as if they were people (no promises). 

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