Friday, April 19, 2013

Elf Matte Lip Color - Rich Red

Both the blessing and the curse of ELF is that everything is $3. Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes it's the best $3 you ever spent; Every ELF product is a gamble but at that price point, who could say no? My latest gamble was a product with my name written all over it, a matte red lip pencil. 

Turns out I really love this!

For one thing it's an amazing color. The swatch on the packaging isn't accurate, but this is actually a very vibrant and pigmented red. It's a bright pink toned red which reminds me of one of my favorites, Nars Dragon Girl (I have not compared them yet). 

Secondly, I put this to the ultimate test for a red lipstick, dinner, and it passed! There was a little fading but overall I was impressed by how well it held up. 

As for the formulation, it's quite creamy and smooth for a matte product. It's definitely not the drying, sticking to dry patches type. However it's not exactly a matte finish, more semi-matte. 

I had no problems with my packaging (a common problem with elf), it is very lightweight plastic but the lid snaps on nice and tight so it still feels sturdy. This is a twist product, which I like because you aren't going to waste any and it's easier than sharpening. 

Overall, No complaints! 

Want to know the best part? If you are a compulsive lipstick buyer... or say a compulsive RED lipstick buyer, then no worries because we are just going to say that this one is guilt free! It's like one of those 100 calorie snacks, it doesn't count!!

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Brooke Ihms said...

Nice! Do you have a picture of you wearing it?

Sara Java said...

Unfortunately not, Im still pretty awful at face swatches ha.

Brooke Ihms said...

I ended up buying this a couple weeks ago and LOVING it too!

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