Thursday, April 18, 2013

Frosty Lilac NOTD

Last week I made a big mistake and went on vacation without any nail products, I never realized I couldn't live a week without them. Within a few days the ocean water had sandblasted chunks of my polish off, my nails got too long and started to break, and all that hand sanitizing dried out my cuticles. My hands were a sore sight; I had a lot of damage control to do when I got home. 

So I went rummaging through my collection and decided I wanted something shinny! But glitter nail polish isnt the best thing to put on already damaged nails, so I improvised. 

My hands still aren't in the best of shape but I did my best... 

OPI Light A Candle is a really pretty purply silver, unfortunately on the nails it just shows up silver. So I layered it with my favorite pale purple, Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac

Metallics are generally a summer or holiday thing, but I think with some color they can be quite springy. So Why not amp up those boring spring pastels??

So that's it, I feel like myself again. And surely I'll be back with a new manicure as soon as this one chips. 
Im telling you, you really have to live without something to truly appreciate it; I never knew how much better a good manicure could make me feel! 

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