Friday, May 3, 2013

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Review

Happy May everyone! Not sure about you but im completely unsure where the time has gone. I turn a whole 'nother year older this month, scary. And I guess this means that summer is just around the corner. So sounds like a good time to share my new found summer essential, actually my new found life essential. Dont want to spoil the ending but this is holy grail material! 


  • Formula - It's pretty much the consistency of gel eyeliner. Very smooth product that glides with your brush strokes. 
  • Pigmentation - This product is highly pigmented, but can be sheered out as well. Making it extremely versatile.  
  • Staying Power - Once it sets, it stays! All day, in rain, in heat, and in water.  
  • Waterproof - Definitely water proof. No running, melting, or smearing. 
  • Easy to Remove - Unlike some water proof products, this is actually quite easy to remove with soap or makeup remover.  
  • Natural Looking - For a highly pigmented gel product, this can actually be sheered to a soft powder finish. 
  • Price - 20$ for this 7ml tube isnt a bad price because it'll last you a lifetime! 
  • Packaging - the squeezy tube is sanitary and no product gets wasted. 

You see that tiny little dot, It's enough to fill in both of my brows! Just that tiny amount goes a long way, it can spread to a lighter colored softer finish, you can get more precise lines, and you can build up color. 

If, like me, you have patchy eyebrows this is the product for you. I previously had to use two products on my brows - I'd fill in my brows with one color, then fill in the bald spots with a darker color just so they looked even. With this I can get two different colors with one product AND get precise strokes that look more like hair than pencil. 

Possible Cons: 

  • Color Selection -  
Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow is available in seven shades -  #10 Light Blonde, #15 Blonde, #20 Light Brown, #25 Ash, #30 Dark Brown, #35 Taupe, #40 Brown Black.

However Sephora stores typically only carry three - #10 Light Blonde, #15 Blonde, and #25 Ash. I Suppose because they are the best selling shades.

My Shade is #25 Ash - My perfect shade would be in-between #20 and #25, since my dark brown hair is not "ashy" at all, it's quite red-toned. But #25 is still a workable color.

  • Brush not included - Not a problem for everyone but keep in mind that this product would be quite difficult to use without an angled brush. 

Originally I bought this just because it was waterproof , but this stuff is so great that that ended up being the least impressive thing about it!  I dont want to get to sentimental but, my eyebrows used to be an area of such stress and frustration and now that I found my perfect brow product that I can rely on in any situation, it's such a relief.  

In conclusion - I highly recommend this to victims of unfortunate brow genetics, tweezing accidents, and the like. Have a nice day... and May. 

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Anonymous said...

great review. i just purchased one, can't wait to try it! hope this goes well with me too. :)

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