Thursday, May 30, 2013

NARS And God Created the Woman Eye Kit

If you read my birthday post, you might be wondering what was in my shinning Sephora bag.??? It was the new NARS And God Created the Woman palette. I've been secretly admiring this for a few months now, not sure how my mom knew. Maybe she checks my computer's search history, or maybe she just went to the my favorite stand in Sephora, picked up the most boring thing she could find, and thought "Sara would love this". Either way, she was spot on! 

I always thought that I liked NARS for their lipsticks and blushes. Personally I think NARS lipsticks are perfection; and who doesn't have (or desire) their own little collection of NARS' famous blushes. But I recently realized what I possibly love most about the brand. Apart from it's apparent mastery of makeup formulations, NARS has an eye for color. Every shade of blush, lipstick, and eye-shadow is true to the brands sophisticated aesthetic. Whether it be neutral, bright, or glittery, it's always just right for a woman of sophisticated taste. 

- I did wear a cone party hat and a costume bow-tie to my birthday party but I assure you, I'm a
  sophisticated woman! 

This palette does not stray from that aesthetic. I think the shades are all relatively neutral, and would look good on most skin-tones. And being my first ever NARS eye-shadows (yay), they have taught me that NARS does eyes just as skillfully as lips and cheeks. Of course they're smooth, pigmented, and the glitter isn't chunky; But most surprisingly to me, is that even the dark matte shades that swatch a little patchy somehow still blend out perfectly. 

This palette is surprisingly small, but that's not something im worried about because I've never even hit pan on any eye-shadow I own. They are around half the size of a single NARS eye-shadow, and one single NARS eye-shadow costs $24, so you are still getting your moneys worth actually. Not to mention the two extras actually hold their own weight. 

The mini bottle of Pro-Prime is also a decent size for me. I can't comment on if it's better than 'fill in the blank' - because my eyelids are not extremely oily. I can say it is silky smooth, and I like it better than Urban Decay Primer Potion.
As for the brush it's big fluffy and really soft! Nothing special but I think it's a really nice blending brush. Also way better than the brushes you get in the Naked Palettes and of course those disgusting sponge applicators. 

 The taupe colors Bellisima and Kalaharia, and the blackened brown Coconut Grove are already some of my favorite eye-shadows. 

I went into this thinking it was just going to be utilitarian and look pretty in my makeup drawer. And now I think im hooked on NARS eye-shadows. *sigh* another addiction I can't afford. Beware - you cannot just non-nonchalantly buy a NARS product, be prepared to fall in love.

Do You Need It??
From one beauty addict to another - forget need, this is a luxury after all, if you WANT it more than you want to keep your $59, then get it! Don't forget it is NARS' most popular shades all in one convenient palette with two fantastic extras, AND it's limited edition! No pressure...
Did I ever mention that I'm a bad influence?

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