Monday, June 17, 2013

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Fuchsia Shock


It feels like summer; I went swimming yesterday for the first time this season and the water was perfect! I didn't wear any makeup obviously, but you know there's something about the change in weather that always inspires change in makeup for me. I doubt i'd ever give up my bright lipsticks for nudes and bronzer, but I thought that trading dense opaque formulas for sheer creamy ones would be a nice change. 

This lipstick was on a wishlist I made a few months ago, and I got it shortly after that. The reason it stood out amongst all the other lipsticks on the list, was that it's a nice soft sheer texture unlike most lipsticks I own. And while we are on the subject, the texture is soft smooth and creamy but in no way sticky. Which sold me, because there's nothing I hate more than sticky stuff on my lips!  

Alright I do love the packaging. If you have a minute, join me on a google search of the original Too-Faced Lipsticks, so we can both be thankful that it was changed. Because as a grown woman, I dont want a lipstick in baby-pink fairy princess packaging complete with plastic diamond accents! I much prefer this sleek and chic bullet, it's gold, it's embossed, and it's weighty-ness makes me feel a little more confident in the price tag. (being $21)

The lovely thing about these lipsticks are that they're build-able. With this one, I can build up a few layers to get an almost opaque, full on glossy fuchsia lip (like the swatch). And im typically not a fan of glossy lips, but I have to admit it looks stunning. The downside it's that amount of product makes the lips feel heavy, and it's just as high-maintenance as any other bold lip - if not more due to the dangerously slippery texture (one wrong move and it's on your chin).

So, I prefer to wear it a little more subtly (like the photo below). I typically wear just one thin layer of it, it smooths on very easily and evenly thanks to the creamy texture. What I end up with is a very sheer wash of bright pink, but I will say that it still looks bright pink! 

Im enjoying this light texture and this fantastic fuchsia color. I've been wearing it at least once a week and I think im ready for some new sheer lipsticks. But I doubt I'll be buying more of these - Didnt see that coming - only because they strike me as extremely similar to the Revlon LipButters! Almost exactly the same texture, and even a similar range of colors! So until I become rich enough to buy these just for the packaging, I'll be hitting up Target and saving myself some money. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

5 - Of My Summer Makeup Essentials


Raise a glass to this, because this is my celebratory school's out for summer post! Just so we are clear, I should mention that this is what I would wear if I actually had places to go during summer. I mean most summer activities are not exactly makeup friendly: swimming, going to the beach, backpacking across America, waking up at noon and playing video games in your PJs all day, ect.  

Revlon Colorstay - 180 Sand Beige

I am done with trying to make those greasy tinted moisturizers work for my skin in the summer time. I know everyone tells us we should go lighter, and get "dewy" and "luminous" foundations. BUT I live in a climate that can literally melt foundation off of my face and my skin makes it's own "dew". So thanks but I prefer using my trusty Revlon Colorstay, because it stays! I use as little as possible, so my skin feels light but this still offers great coverage. It's a matte finish but after a few hours outside, i'll be plenty luminous. 

MAC Prep+Prime SPF50

I always wear sunblock when im out during summer but on my face it just doesn't work with makeup. No matter what it makes my face look greasy, it's heavy, and my foundation doesn't look good over it. My perfect solution is MAC prep+Prime which has an amazing SPF 50, without being thick or greasy. So I get sun protection AND longer lasting makeup. 

MUFE Aqua Brow - #25 Ash click, to be magically transported to my full review)

One of my newest products, and it's already secured it's spot on this list. It's a gel brow corrector that is completely water proof. I tested it a few months ago... in a rain forest (seriously). Trust me, it stays through sweat, humidity, and swimming. 

MAC Sheertone Blush - Peaches

I couldn't do this without talking about a blush! This is one of my favorite blushes (planning to do a full post on it soon). I love it in summer because it's a very warm yet brightening color. It's a true peach color, very orange yet has pink undertones. I think it perfectly compliments the summer "bronzey" aesthetic, but works better on my light skin than bronzers do.  

MAC Eye Kohl - Teddy + Powersurge

Is it cheating to pick two pencils? I dont think so because I typically use these two together, Teddy for the lashline and Powersurge for the waterline. Teddy is a medium brown with gold shimmer in it, so basically it looks bronze. Powersurge is an interesting metallic light bronze color that is not too bright. They're both really soft pencils that smudge and blend easily then set, so they also work nice as eyeshadow bases. They're actually my all-time favorite eyeliners, because such flattering and easy to wear colors.  

So those are the basics I'd take on my action-packed summer adventures! All I need are a few dozen lip products and I'll be good to go...