Monday, July 22, 2013

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish Review


Im a huge nerd so anything with a spacey theme I totally get sucked into, so although flakey glitter isn't my favorite I gave these a try. Funny story, a few months ago I ended up shattering the LAST one on Ulta's hardwood floors because I was trying to carry way too many things. I used to shop by the "as much as I can carry rule" to limit myself, but I have now learned my lesson - Always take a basket!

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish

So I have Moon Dust and Satellite. Moon Dust is a black creme with clear glitter and Satellite is a burgundy creme with light pink glitter. Moon Dust seemed like a safe option, but Satellite was the one I was initially attracted to. I thought the color combination was really special, something I didnt see too often.

The Cremes didn't impress me. Mine were too hard to work with, it ended up looking streaky. The good things are they are opaque, I used two coats which isn't bad, and it does dry fast. 

The wand is odd, so it also makes application more difficult.

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish Satellite
* Application tip - Unscrew both ends and then paint. Much easier than trying to wield a much too long and      top heavy brush.

As for the glitter, I didn't have any trouble. My glitter lays flat on the nails and doesn't leave a bumpy surface. I didn't have to "fish" it out of the bottle or dab it on in concentrated globs; it painted on and spread evenly just perfectly. It is not as smooth or fine and doesn't apply as evenly as my Essie Shine of the Times holographic glitter flakes. I wish it was more along those lines but I do not think it's bad at all. 

I do wish, the color of the glitter was more apparent on the nails. It looked pink in the bottle but it reflected more orange and yellow on the nails. Not what I wanted.

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish Satellite
In person, nails and glitter looked a lot more smooth.

 If  I could tweak these I would make the glitter a little more finely milled, fix the color of the glitter and the creme's formula. I think these are decent. But the off formulas make these polishes more hassle then they need to be, it's a disappointing that I have to work hard to make them work.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MAC Peaches Sheertone Blush


Peaches is one of those mystery products that doesn't look like much in the pan, but when it's on it's just magical (yes, mysterious and magical).  It's just flattering and in a way that I can't quite put my finger on. I've never really been impressed by MAC blushes, they have always seemed a little bit lackluster to me. But I have to admit that Peaches is perfect. So perfect that I just can't stop talking about it, It was most recently in my Summer Essentials and was even the subject of one of the first blog posts I ever made (long since been deleted for shitty picture quality and incoherent rambling).... and since this intro is turning into more pointless rambling, let's just say I thought it deserved a little more attention.

Peaches is a very true peach color, it's a little pink and it's a little orange. This was my first MAC Sheertone blush, a lovely finish which is all I buy from MAC these days. Im hooked on the soft, matte, and not too pigmented finish, it looks way more natural on my skintone. 
But, I still don't wear this much in the winter, when im two or three shades lighter this looks bright orange on me and doesn't blend in and look as subtle as I like. This is a summer blush for me, I find the orangeyness warming and a good alternative to bronzer (which I can't really pull off). 

I think what I love most about this blush is it's subtlety. It puts color on my cheeks without putting COLOR on my cheeks. There are some things I wear because they're bold and they stand out and there are some things I wear because they're the exact opposite, this blushes lies perfectly in between and that's what makes it so irreplaceable.