Monday, July 22, 2013

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish Review

Im a huge nerd so anything with a spacey theme I totally get sucked into, so although flakey glitter isn't my favorite I gave these a try. Funny story, a few months ago I ended up shattering the LAST one on Ulta's hardwood floors because I was trying to carry way too many things. I used to shop by the "as much as I can carry rule" to limit myself, but I have now learned my lesson - Always take a basket!

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish

So I have Moon Dust and Satellite. Moon Dust is a black creme with clear glitter and Satellite is a burgundy creme with light pink glitter. Moon Dust seemed like a safe option, but Satellite was the one I was initially attracted to. I thought the color combination was really special, something I didnt see too often.

The Cremes didn't impress me. Mine were too hard to work with, it ended up looking streaky. The good things are they are opaque, I used two coats which isn't bad, and it does dry fast. 

The wand is odd, so it also makes application more difficult.

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish Satellite
* Application tip - Unscrew both ends and then paint. Much easier than trying to wield a much too long and      top heavy brush.

As for the glitter, I didn't have any trouble. My glitter lays flat on the nails and doesn't leave a bumpy surface. I didn't have to "fish" it out of the bottle or dab it on in concentrated globs; it painted on and spread evenly just perfectly. It is not as smooth or fine and doesn't apply as evenly as my Essie Shine of the Times holographic glitter flakes. I wish it was more along those lines but I do not think it's bad at all. 

I do wish, the color of the glitter was more apparent on the nails. It looked pink in the bottle but it reflected more orange and yellow on the nails. Not what I wanted.

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish Satellite
In person, nails and glitter looked a lot more smooth.

 If  I could tweak these I would make the glitter a little more finely milled, fix the color of the glitter and the creme's formula. I think these are decent. But the off formulas make these polishes more hassle then they need to be, it's a disappointing that I have to work hard to make them work.

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