Monday, August 19, 2013

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliners Review


Never thought I'd be into high-end eyeliners. Until I got a taste of these in the 'Smoked' set, I just assumed an eyeliner is an eyeliner, and there's no point in spending money on something so basic.....

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils

Here's why I changed my mind!

First thing I noticed was they do really "glide on", you dont have to apply much pressure to get the full pigmentation. And I just really appreciate soft liners that actually last! My first experience with soft creamy eyeliner - MAC Smolder, and I threw that **** out! Because all it did was smear and smudge everywhere and it didn't even last in my waterline. See these are soft, creamy, smudgable, BUT they set and last all day, even preform well in my waterline. 

So many colors, so little moneys... These eyeliners are my favorite part of the UD stand at Sephora, I just get sucked in.  Im a big fan of colors that look like neutrals (and plain neutrals of course), like the shade '1999'. It's purple but I find it easier to wear than something like 'Empire'. It's awesome that I can find colors like that in eyeliner form because I also use them as cream eyeshadow.

In short I like these because they're just a sold product; Whether the color is matte, frosted, or glittery they all have the same formula, pigmentation, and performance. Even though they're a little pricey, I think its worth having a few. I'd definitely recommend buying the minis or a set if you can find them, it's better value and a good starting point =). 

Friday, August 16, 2013

A few Highlights of my Summer.


You'd think summer break is when you have the most time. But it's not because that's the time to fit in all the stuff you dont usually have time for! Vacations are planned, Friends want to hang out, little sisters think you are their personal chauffeur, family members want favors, ect. This summer break I've worked more, partied more, and gotten into more trouble than I had all year. So I haven't been really keeping up with the blogging. I wanted to start off my "come-back tour" with a FOTD but my camera was just not cooperating, So im Improvising! Here's a few of my summer highlights...

Stormageddon's recovery
- My poor little Hedgey-hog (Stormageddon Lord of all Evil / Stormie) got sick recently, but im remaining optimistic. After a few trips to the emergency vet (thankfully they have an "exotic" pet doctor on staff) she's finally looking better. Look at her, back to her old evil ways =,).

New Hair
- Im typically one of those anti-haircut people, im not afraid I've just been indifferent towards the whole thing. New cut, new color, what's the harm? It's actually very refreshing and I feel a lot more stylish now. Although finding a brow product for artificial red hair is kind of a nightmare that I did not foresee, good thing the bangs kind of distract from the fact that my hair and brows are completely different!

Lots of Shopping
- Maybe not lots... the normal amount actually. But I've been finding some pretty cool stuff lately. The highlight of my last shopping trip was these shoes. Im not really into jazzy shoes, I like the plain ones, but they were Catwoman how could I resist!? There was also some really cool looking Wonder Woman ones but I love the badies!

Watched a whole season of Breaking Bad in a day
- One of my favorite shows of all time and I missed the whole last season, because my cable company was beefin' (correct terminology) with it's Network. Of course this little tiff only lasted the duration of the season, and of course Netflix took it's sweet time uploading it. Basically it became available only about five days before the new episodes aired. This whole situation was frustrating me ALL summer!

Turned 21 and partied to hard
- I already wrote about my birthday, but I did I mention the after-party? Im definitely not offering pictures, It's one thing that I prefer to forget. But if your friends ever show up to your party with vodka and tell you "you'll be fine"- don't believe them!

Spent a weekend in Vegas
- It's just what you do when you're 21. Although here is a nice piece of advice, NEVER go to Vegas in the summer. It was around 120 degrees everyday and 108 in the dead of night, the soles of my shoes literally started to melt when I stepped on a metal escalator. No fun at all! Another thing that's no fun, the New York hotel roller-coaster costs $14 a person to ride, and it's really not that cool. Don't do it. I did enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend, even if he did drag me all around the strip in this heat to find: the "best" arcade, the lost GameWorks (closed 2 years ago), and the finest dessert fake Paris has to offer.

I might be forgetting a few things.  Oh well, Back to the makeup next week!