Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Stuff!!

I just went for an eyebrow pencil... but you know, how can you just get one thing when there's makeup counters as far as the eye can see?

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner - Redhead
I recently lightened my hair and brows and I was in desperate need of a new brow product. I read such fabulous things about these new MAC brow pencils when they launched a few months ago, that I didnt even consider buying anything else. My hair is Auburn now and I found that redhead is actually my perfect shade, it's hard to find brow products for red hair that dont look too artificial. Redhead is the perfect warm brown shade that blends well, but is still natural looking. The consistency of the pencil did not let me down, it's precise like a pencil and blends like a powder, it's perfect! 

MAC Eyeshadow Quad
Probably like most of you, I have a mental list of all these MAC eyeshadows that im gonna pick up one day. I was just browsing when the sales lady mentioned that MAC had reduced the prices on the pan shadows. Before she could finish her sentence I was rambling off shadows that I wanted to see! 
I ended up picking three very warm shades, I usually love my cool-tones but recently I've found that they dont really suit my new hair color. So I picked up All That Glitters which has been on my list for ages, Antiqued which I had never seen before but I just gravitated towards it and It's like the prettiest thing I've ever seen! Lastly, I got Soft Brown a much needed light warm brown, just for a staple blending color, but I've already bonded with it and actually love it more than I expected! 

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener - Bisque 3
I've been wanting, and needing!, a good under-eye concealer for a while. But my problem is I always shove aside the practical things, how can I concentrate on concealer with all these shiny lipsticks around??? But I finally did it! 
This is the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener. It's a lovely lightweight concealer that comes in this awesome peachy color which works wonders for the blue tinted darkness under my eyes. It's also slightly light reflective so it very lifting! But not in that over the top reverse panda eyes kinda way...
Although, my experience at the Bobbi Brown counter was so disastrous that a makeup artist from the MAC counter actually came over and offered to help lol. Some people might have been turned off by the experience, but im very thankful that the MAC artist cared enough to help, I got the perfect color to correct my dark circles and he did lead me to a great product!

Im super over-the-moon happy with my new stuff. Although I was reading my horoscope out of a magazine at breakfast this morning and it was like "beware of extravagant spending" So that's a downer! *sigh* I never get to have any fun... 
But I will be reviewing the Brow pencil and Eye Brightener soon!
  See you then! 

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