Friday, December 13, 2013

My Top 5 Holiday Nail Polishes


If you are like me and you just cant pass up a glitter nail polish then this is definitely the most wonderful time of the year. 

My #1 this year is Sephora by OPI - Looks Like Rain Deer. Its a combination of gold frost with the classic silver glitter. I also like that its a full-coverage glitter, which im a huge fan of (as you may know). Its very sparkly and festive, but a color I wouldn't wear much outside of December. I bought this last month for only $4 on BUT unfortunately I believe the Sephora by OPI line is now discontinued ='(

I've talked about Deborah Lipmann's Today was a Fairytale last year, and it's still one of my favorites for the holidays. It was my new years NOTD last year, and I think that the blueish silver is a perfect color for that occasion. It's a little on the sheer side it'd be at least a 3 coater to be opaque, Or it also looks really good over black or a silver metallic.

Another old favorite is Essie's Leading Lady, and this is a little unfair because this color was last years christmas collection and probably a limited edition. On the bright-side, red glitters are pretty common this time of year! This one is a deep red base color with lots and lots of red glitter. It's not a full-coverage glitter exactly, but the base red color does build up to full opacity. 

Cleopatra in New York a kind of a classic Deborah Lippmann glitter polish formula: Base color, small glitter, chunky glitter. So it's black with assorted gold glitter but simplicity is not a bad thing. I think this looks really sleek and a lot more grown-up than most glitter polishes do because it's a little more subdued. This was also from last years christmas collection but I believe it's permanent.  

Lastly is MAC Fierce Entrance. Im not really a fan of MAC nail polishes, but I HAD to have this! If you mixed a typical metallic nail polish with a fine glitter, you'd get this. It's kind of a chunky sparkly metallic finish, it's very unique. Plus, it translates exactly from what it looks like in the bottle to the nail, its amazing! Hopefully it wasn't limited edition, but you never know with MAC do you...